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Cormacs Bothy

  • Sheddie:

    Cormac Seekings
  • Location:

    forest - Highland
  • First entered:

  • More than £500


Handcraft log structure/design inspired by Slovak/Carpathian vernacular, with some Norwegian elements, and unusual settlement details. Very minimal imported materials/ transport energy. Constructed in-situ within the forest. Designed and detailed to last, using low grade forest timber, windblown oak and traditional natural preservatives. Raised on tree stumps on the edge of a small clearing beyond car access.Now a work shelter space for the owner, and an off the grid, simple-life retreat/hang-out for his friends. All his builders are since in that category, and he has subsequently gone on to do great voluntary work for green wood-workers through the Ass of Pole-lathe turners.

Other info

Primary construction inputs being sweat and blood energy, quality old handtools and good food, beer and whiskey, (backed up with chain-saw fuel) in the good hands of a number of colourful and skillful characters, local and from afar. Sessions, spread over three years, of living and working together for expenses and the craic, under tarps, canvass, rigging, tree canopy and the Ben Nevis weather. A wonderful client who kept faith despite time drawing-out and expenses growing, and who allowed freedom for design and construction to develop organically with people and resources. All his builders became friends, and through the process he developed an enthusiasm for green wood-working which has led on great voluntary work for the Association of Pole-Lathe Turners.

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