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The River Shed

  • Sheddie:

    Oliver Renison
  • Location:

    Allotment plot - Warwickshire
  • First entered:

  • Cost of shedbuild:

    £250 to £499


The river shed is a communal shed on an allotment plot, shared by several people.
The actual plot it stands on was won by two neighbours when the allotment committee raffled the plot off when it became available to make it fair with such a high demand.
The shed stands on the footprint of a dilapidated shed that had some interesting local history attached to it, being as it was the site of an old ferry/launch across the river Leam where remnants of the old site are still visible in places.
The structure is built from treated timber as the river here floods(and did so recently with levels about half a metre inside) but the cladding, the floor, the roof and windows are all recycled. The cladding comes from decorative practise panels cut into strips from when the painting & decorating course ended at the college where we work. The floor is scaffold boards and the windows are from a narrowboat or otherwise reclaimed.

Other info

The building of the shed was shared, but with most technical input from an entrant of another shed into this competition, the 'Shed of Dreams'

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