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Rainbow Daydream

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    Welcome to my dream studio, a colourful haven that is my back garden shed! This shed - The Rainbow Daydream - really is the creative space of my dreams and is a testament to two of my greatest passions: colour and pattern. Upon purchasing our new home in 2015 (which came with a huge, untamed and overgrown jungle in the back), I was immediately bursting at the seams with ideas for an ambitious garden redesign. After months and months of clearing, planning, and landscaping, I was finally able to design every inch of this shed and it is truly the most fun and inspiring space. Its all that you could ever want for an outdoor design shed-come-studio!

    Now that I can use my shed I spend tons of time in there designing and generally getting inspired. As my business is predominantly online, I also love the fact that I get to connect with my overseas clients and design school community, all from the end of my garden. The vibrant paint tones inside and the beautiful flowers surrounding the exterior makes me feel like Ive been transported on a sunny holiday whenever I am in there so work never feels like work! What more could you ask for from a creative space?

    I'm about to celebrate my 10th year in running my independent creative business, so this shed project has been the best gift and celebration as well. The work on the shed was completed during September 2017, but I'm still in the process off adding further quirky and bespoke touches to the interior (a shimmering disco ball is next on the list!) It's been an absolute labour of love! The encouragement and reception on this project has also been phenomenal and made it an even more magical process! I feel so lucky to have such a strong and supportive creative following through my businesses, and that colour fanatics, designers, and pattern addicts like me have been sending so many positive vibes my way about this project.

    As a working Print and Pattern Designer and Creative Stylist, I have naturally injected my own personality and design style into the scheme of both the shed interior and exterior (not unusual for me as my Instagram will show you!) I've always been drawn to bold and bright colours accented with bonkers patterns and unusual objects. I've really tried to reflect this within the sheds concept.

    I've really tried to make every aspect of this shed unique, from the vibrant colours used right down to the shed shape I've chosen. The cupboard handles, fabrics, cushions, lampshade and even the wacky floor design are all completely bespoke and designed with my own patterns. The vinyl floor design alone features over 50 of my unique patterns and just makes you want to do a happy dance! My Rainbow Daydream shed really has been a dream come true and I'm so happy to be able to share it with you! I hope it brightens your day just as much as it does mine.

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