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Fairy Garden

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My shed is located in a private forest (once farm land.) There is an area in the forest which was once a little house 100s of years ago. It was completely overgrown! Spring 19 I decided to make it a project to clear the area. Over time my plan developed. Shed arrived early 2020. With lock down and no holidays I had lots of time to work and I created flower beds and paths. I got another shed for tools/storage last year. No running water, heat or electricity. I have solar string lights and battery lights inside. The shed is on a platform as the land wasn't flat. I painted the outside with blues and greens so it is harmonious to the surrounding area. I have lots of animal ornaments and fairy doors in the garden. I have a sofa bed and furniture . We also have a big pot which belonged to my grandparents which we have used for campfires on summer evenings.

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My fairy garden is accessed on foot or with farm vehicles. It has no car access. We have forest trails over the past few years around the land. There is a small pond near my garden and a variety of wildlife including pheasants which came from a nearby estate. It is definitely the location that makes my shed special.

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