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The Wee Shed

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Around 11'x14' with 9' height inside, concrete foundation and slab, 2x4 framed walls, plywood sheathing on walls and roof, concrete fibre board siding, cedar trim, fibreglass laminate shingles, aluminum soffits and gutters. Around 1200 cubic feet and already filled with junk. Well I guess it's just going to be a common shed to anyone else, but it's taken over a year to build so far and it's got my blood, sweat & tears all over it (I tried to wash it off) so it's special to me.

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2004/10 Cindy presented us with a great set of plans for The Wee Shed. 2004/11 We got a quote for $17k to build it and abandoned all hope of ever seeing it happen. 2005/03 Decided to build it myself and enlisted everyone unlucky enough to happen by to swing a pickaxe and sledgehammer to prep the site - my brother Brian did more than his share. 2005/10 With more help from friends, I finally have the foundation done - this is taking a long time. 2006/06 Okay, time to get back at it after staring at the blue tarp for 8 months. Hired Kevin because unlike me, he knows what he's doing. 2006/06/18 Walls framed (I helped Kevin). 2006/06/21 Trusses on. 2006/06/25 Sheathing on. 2006/06/26 Slab poured (Kevin worked like a mad fiend before the hot load set whilst I looked on thankful he knew what he was doing). 2006/07/02 Roof decking on and skylight installed. 2006/07/07 Shingles installed 2006/07/10 Building paper, windows and door installed - I like the black look. 2006/07/18 Siding on - thanks Brian M. , sorry I'm so picky! 2006/07/22 Gutters and soffits on. Thanks again Brian. I now know how to install gutters - too bad I didn't know before we installed them. 2006/08/31 Passed final inspection. Woo Hoo! 2006/09/16 Added electricity.

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