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The Chapel

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Wanting to be able to set up photographic lights, I needed maximum size in all dimensions. My local council rules for not needing planning permission are that the building (if wooden) has to be 1m from site borders, 5m from back of house, no higher than 4m at ridge, and not push the developed percentage of the whole site over 50%. The chapel is 5m x 3.1m x 3.9m high.

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Having minor DIY skills, I opted for a Lugarde Londen log cabin style shed from Garden Chic. I bought a cheap laser level from Homebase and set about preparing the site. I got a team of helpful guys to lay the (reinforced) concrete base. With a mate's help, we built the cabin up to top of door and window, then discovered we had put door and window inside out. We corrected that and made a date to carry on the build a few days later. A couple of days later the London tornado struck the back garden and pushed the cabin 600mm or so to one side, with the base rails all moved independently and two walls off the concrete base. With no alternative, because of the base rails and the vast weight of all the 44mm thick boards, we had to take it all apart and rebuild it. I decided to swap the previous positions of the door and window. We got it back up to base of gable by the end of that day. Working in gaps in the winter weather, surrounded by scaffolders and roofers in other properties mending tornado damage, we have got to the stage of putting the artificial shingles on the roof boards. We might get it done by Christmas!

Well 4 years later and the shed has weathered in with its green stain, bamboos and virginia creeper (which covers the window). The interior shot shows the reason for the height!

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