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This shed WAS a standard (and might I add very cheap) 6ft by 4ft wooden apex shed bought from a popular DIY chain. That is, until my company (rocket-fx(dot) com) was commissioned by the TV show 'Brainiac' to make it fly into space.

The shed was internally reinforced with wooden spars and a wood and fibreglass structure was built into the roof to hold six large solid fuel rocket engines. A 1ft wide plywood 'skirt' was added around the outer edge of the shed to make it aerodynamically stable. On a cold and windy day in November of last year, with the able assistance of Mr Vic Reeves, the 'Space Shed 2000 XL' made her maiden (and only) voyage. Under 400kg of thrust she flew to an astonishing altitude of about 250ft, turned over, and crashed back into the runway. Five garden gnomes, three pot plants and a camcorder were tragically killed in the crash.

Their loss however was not in vein as this test has paved the way for all future shed owners to have the choice of reloacting their shed to the moon at will. Don't try this at home.


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rocket-fx(dot)com are happy to undertake private commissions to install rocket-propulsion into sheds and outbuildings however we give no guarantee as to their ability to actually reach space.

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