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Thurgarton Iron Works

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    Richard king


Very Old ! Made of Corry tin, wood and lined in cardboard.....It has a raised base of 1 foot thick concrete as I think many years ago it was used as a animal food store. In 1912 this low area in which this shed sits was flooded and I suspect the builder had this in mind when he went mad with the base footings.It now affords a grand view of the rest of our property."Lord of all it surveys!"

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The "Iron Works" shed lives next to its close friend,the great"Leaning Shed Of Thurgarton".A brick built wonder which modest in size is slowly drifting into a 3 foot ditch.As with all things in this corner of Norfolk it is far from upright and leans to the right!!!!Only time will tell who wins this battle, the ditch or a rescue attempt with a large amount of money and concrete.........

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