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Shed A Little Light

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    I used to paint in the living room and this became increasingly impractical - especially after I got married. Unfortunately, due to its proximity to my neighbour's house, the shed had to be covered in non- combustible material; I would have preferred to make it all out of wood. However, this does mean that it will provide substantial protection (owing to the 'farraday cage effect') should it ever be hit by lightning. Now I can paint to my heart's content (and a lot of other things I won't mention) and I only wish it could be bigger but I've used all the available space. I'm very happy in my shed and I don't want to imagine life without it.

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    Shed A Little Light is 12 feet square and was built in 1999 on a concrete base, which I made with the help of a friend. It has a wooden frame, which I made out of 2"x2" softwood and covered with sheet metal on the outside, 9mm plywood on the inside, with 2" expanded polystyrene insulation between. The roof is made of two pieces of prefabricated section and it keeps the weather out very well. The door was second hand and looks it. There are three windows. I have mains electric and broadband in there as well as a lot more clutter than my wonderful wife would tolerate in the house. Now my shed is ten years old and still going strong, without any major alterations, so I've uploaded four recent photos of the interior to show just how ordered and functional it is. I do hope this doesn't upset any one whose shed is not quite so tidy.

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