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    My shed has consumed the summer in its construction. What began as a simple replacement for a rotting old shed has become quite an all-consuming event ... and it's not finished yet. I still need to add the internal cladding and wall that splits the shed and "summer-housey" bit. The most special feature is the roof that is made from cedar shingles. Despite the high cost it has worked out well. Under the shingles lies a layer of laths and those in turn are hammered on to a layer of matchboard. I have neve built anything bigger than a cupboard before so despite a few imperfections I am very proud. I have romantic ideas that I will sit in my shed with the sun shining in through the glass while reading the paper; but to date I have managed no more than a hurried cup of tea before being back to work hammering and sawing. Ah-well next summer maybe.

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