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    This replaced a huge rotted and collapsed wooden shed. They all do that, which is why I built this one from brick about 10 years ago. My wife discouraged any further rebuilding of motorcycles in the living room. Actually we didn't have a living room until this got built, it was full of shed stuff. The main problem was that the site is right next to a large and vigorous ash tree. This meant digging very deep to make foundations that would withstand the roots, and was the hardest part of the whole project. You try digging a 4' hole next to an ash. These things have roots like steel cable, spreading 30' in all directions. I have no idea how much concrete (along with steel bedframes) went into the hole, but it was several tons, all mixed by me. Having done little bricklaying odd-jobs, how hard could it be? Well, it took me about 3 weeks, where a competent brickie would have taken a couple of days. It got a proper membrane damp course, and I built the door and window apertures to fit standard Wickes sizes. It hasn't cracked, rotted or fallen down, and is totally dry and warm - but has filled up with crap to the extent I now need a shed.

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