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The Tipsy Toad

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    Walton on Thames - Surrey
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The Tipsy Toad comprises a full working beer line (CO2, Barrel and Cooler etc) with 2 rear shelves for wine and spirits. It also boasts a peanut and scampi fries board. The 'shed' itself is fully insulated with vinyl flooring and rugs, including a wall bench with underneath storage. Included is a TV and music system for all sporting events - most importantly, it has a 19th Century bell which is attached to the wall, but is never rung! The only pub in the area with smoking and 24 hour drinking allowed! Fruit machine to follow soon! Drinks are enjoyed either in the Toad or outside on the decking overlooking the pond and landscaped garden

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If you want to have a garden bar/pub shed built in the same way then use my carpenter, he's the best!!

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