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Allotment Tool Shed

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An old shed was refurbished.

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The shed was assembled on the Allotment on 11th August 2008. The shed was bought some 30 years ago with the house, was moved 20 years ago prior to an extension and became in need of substantial refurbishment. The shed was dis- assembled into the 4 sides, 2 roof sections, ridge cover, rake boards and corner strips. Rotten wood and roof felt were removed. New shiplap siding, panelling for the roof and 40*40 supports were cut to length and planed to width and nailed in place. All new and old wood was painted with Cuprinol Shed and Fence Preserver (chestnut). New felt with 15 year life was cut to size nailed onto each of the two roof sections. Only one layer was used but the gutter drips were doubled over. A new window frame with plastic glazing was made to fit. Hinges, hasps and locks were renewed.

In 2013 , after 5 years of good service the Allotment Tool Shed was painted with Ronseal's Shed and Fence Preserver "Autumn Brown".

In May 2019 the shed was looking sun bleached and due for some maintenance. All wood was painted with Sadolin Extra Durable Woodstain (Teak). The shed was broken into a couple of years ago and although nothing was stolen security was upgraded. The shed now as three locks although he shed can still be entered by unscrewing the hinges.

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