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 of shed - 'Shedonism' - My other shed's a Porch!, East Sussex Red Hot Pokers & Shed of shed - 'Shedonism' - My other shed's a Porch!, East Sussex Greenhouse base reclaim of shed - 'Shedonism' - My other shed's a Porch!, East Sussex Red Sky at night - over shed of shed - 'Shedonism' - My other shed's a Porch!, East Sussex
All photos are copyright sheddie John and Carole

'Shedonism' - My other shed's a Porch!

  • Sheddie:

    John and Carole
  • Location:

    Bexhill-on-Sea - East Sussex
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    Shed Features

    This shed was hand built on site, (in the garden of my bungalow, previously owned by my mother & originally owned by Mr & Mrs Y, who were the original purchasers in 1934). The craftsmanship in the loving construction of this shed was provided by a Mr Graham B. in approximately 1973. It is built with the finest locally forested Chesnut & set upon a solid base of 2'x2'x2" concrete flagstones, laid to a solid clay bed.

    The roof has been replaced once in it's 36 years, in about 2006 IIRC, purely because my eldest son assaulted it with his size 11s when clambering upon it in search of the perfect vantage point to take a picture, (with his 'mobile fone'), of a Parrot which had landed in the nearby Malus tree, to fill itself with the ample supply of fruits. We used the best 3/4" High Density Fibre Board Roofing Sheets for the replacement, topped with a top quality Green sand faced felt, sealed with a black & relly sticky roofing adhesive with 1/2" & in some places even 1" Galvanised roofing Clout nails.

    Other Shed info

    I hope you like our shed, my girlfriend/lover/partner/sex toy/head- chef/gardener/nurse/decorator/seamstress /psycholog ist/she-who-must-be- obeyed/other half/significant other, has spent many hours titivating & pouring huge amounts of TLC into decorating the exterior of this structure, now she's just waiting to be allowed access to do her bit on the interior. It just needs tidying up a bit if you ask me - but NO! You know what these women are like! Apparently it has to have a heater, oh & electricity! - & curtains & comfy chairs & vinyl flooring & with a bit of luck - a fridge for the beers! New pictures added, Red hot Pokers in bloom & look what we found in the undergrowth! Remains of a greenhouse base that we had no idea was there! Just what we wanted, after clearing the jungle, one stubborn conifer to go, then we can rebuild the walls & have a new glass-walled shed ;-)

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