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The Holte Pub

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My pride and joy contains all the things my wife would not allow me to display in the house for example my Aston Villa memorabilia,disco lights and bits and bobs from pubs from across the world. Not a very understanding wife would you agree? However I now have a good excuse to 'go missing' for weeks with my mates who enjoy the Brummie hospitality and free beer in The Holte. As a working DJ I normally have to play what the customers request but in The Holte I can play my kind of music and enjoy the 'chill' with a nice cold beer...pure bliss!

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Based on the original Holte which is sited in Aston Birmingham outside Villa Park recently restored to its former glory but trying to get in on match days is impossible so thats why I built my own!....there is a photo of the original Holte on my listing.

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