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    Chris Le Poidevin
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Geographically located in Paradise, Hackney, London. It is a place for peace and quiet for the boys, and us when they are in it !

the Paint used as a base and the spray gun used to apply said basecoat, were provided by Sarah Beeny ! (leftover from Streets Ahead).

Other info

Built as a Xmas present to give my boys some space to call their own, Haven't seen them since Xmas Morning !

TV, XBox, Scalextric (on a fold down table), Dartboard, Computer, Heater, Fridge, Carpeted, Phone, intercom to the house and Wallpapered, (don't try to wallpaper Shiplap, it's a royal pain)

it has already had its share of wildlife visitors, the local cats like to sit on the roof as it is under another roof, and nice and warm, squirrels use it for the same reason, and it has even been visited by an Urban Fox ! thankfully only to join the other wildlife's activity of sitting on the roof,

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