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    A small green shed that was there when I moved into the house, to be honest it was one of the reasons we picked the house. It's appears to be a self built shed with a timber frame and a combination of tongue and groove and shiplap planking. The previous owner had partially changed it to an office. I've converted it into a workshop but it's an ongoing project with small improvements each year. Its used for making and repairing everything from a flea chariot to ride on train. Basic equipment includes a small lathe, drill press and welder, there's a selection of salvaged materials including lots of wood and metal as well as an old toaster

    Has a novel roof which is part conventional board and felt and part polycarbonate sheet, this means for maximum light but thanks to insulation it warms up quickly once you get working inside.

    There are built in cupboards down one side and a bench and more shelving down the other. I've added some hooks to the walls and in the cupboards.

    First change was to add the path and extended the slabs in front of the workshop so there is room to work outside.

    Added power and made workbench in 2008. It now has a lantern with a sensor so that you can see to get in at night.

    Reclad the side, added cupboard, shelf and another storage drawer in 2009.

    A family of bumble bees appears to live underneath the floor, spiders occupy a hole in the door and birds seem to like the creeping vine on the roof. Cats, squirrels and foxes also visit.

    Added ventilation fans and vent to the side of the shed to help with welding and brazing fumes in 2010 and security was upgraded

    Over a long and very sunny weeked in October 2011 the old and broken shed roof was replaced and upgraded with insulation and new glazing.

    Upgrades in 2012 were less ambitious, a gutter was added along with a waterbutt to collect the water.

    Minor roof improvements in 2013

    An upgrade to the electrics in 2014, a single pair of sockets was replaced with a distribution board and master isolator switch, sockets were then run along the back of the bench with armoured cable connecting them together.

    In 2015 a large set of drawers from the BBC arrived so some of the other furniture needed modification so those could be fitted.

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    Roof:Part wood/felt/insulation, part multiwall polycarbonate


    Age:At least 12 years old

    2.9m wide x 3m long x 2.5m high in the middle.

    Colour: Forest Green

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