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My shed is very special because it is my very first one!

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My shed is the most useful thing I have ever had because I can put all my little bits and pieces in it and keep everything nice and tidy! I feel it is also a place where I can sit and contemplate life's little moments. It was actually a gift from my future mother & father-in- law, which makes it all the more special. I hope that someday I will become a true proper sheddist and finally fill it with lots of useful discarded remnants of things gone by and ultimately be accepted as a 'brother' of the 'sheddists'! I hope someday my partner will understand the ethos surrounding a 'man & his shed' and learn to accept that a shed is a most valuable part of his life and they must never be seperated, it is where a man can be at one with himself away from the 'rat race' a place that is sacred, a place where, magically, things can be ressurected and be used again with a little bit of tender loving care and a few nuts bolts! Anyway,I hope you like my shed as much as I do and also the cats (pictured).

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