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Mole's Multi Purpose Hideaway

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    Steve and Kathy Allen
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Our shed of about 40 long and ten feet wide. It is a split level shed built by a labour of love by Mr Mole over a period of 12 months. The shed is split into sections. We are both singers, and Steve is also a musician so the bottom shed is a soundproofed, music room complete with guitars on the wall, drums, and an array of other instruments. It also has a TV, music system and timed heating. The corner of this shed incorparates a TARDIS!! The next section, is kind of traditional and houses the lawnmower, bikes etc. Next, is the tool shed, with the top part of the shed being a gym, complete with treadmill, weights etc.

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Each section of the shed has it's own door, which is locked with keys and padlocks, all the sheds are Sound proof, carpeted, alarmed, full electrics, heated, fairy lights outside and in!! Outside is decorated with an array of unusual and interesting items, including a 10 foot spider!! There are verandas complete with a chair and a sofa from nannans house (not that we left nannas sofaless!! She got another one). Our lurchers like to lounge about on these in the summer. There is lots of decking, with 2 ponds incorparated into the decking, with fish in each one. This shed is a joy to behold, it is a happy place where we can practice our singing and music, relax, be ourselves, be hermits or invite our friends and family to enjoy with us, especially in the summer. This is a unique shed indeed!! Latest addition is half of an old Vauxhall Cavelier, cut to look like it has crashed into the side. COmplete with working lights!!!

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