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    Mike & Fiona
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    Bagshot - Surrey
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We use our shed, lovingly known as Fiona's erection as two home offices. It wsa built by my Brother two years ago and we love it. It is 5 metres x 3 metres split into two with a port hole inbetween the two offices with a Captain Pugwash image on the glass. We are keen yscht sailors and we have a port and starboard navigation lights on it too. It is just fab. When the office is tidy, and the floor space free, we can fit a 4 foot 6 inches aero bed in each office and then we get two extra rooms for guests.

Other info

It has special glass that keeps the heat in and it has an almost all glass front with a little veranda. The roof to floor windows gives it so much light that you can work all day without the light on. We have build wrap around Ikea 'Billy' book cases and we each have our individual 'deb'.

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