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Oak Shed

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    Stuart Carter - owners are Katy Bryce and Adam Wei
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    Mannacan - Cornwall
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My colleague and I designed and built the shed for a couple of cob builders who live on the Lizard in Cornwall. Although it could be classed as an eco-shed this more a by product of the materials we use and are familiar with. The right wood has been used for the right purpose so none of the wood needs any chemical treatment. It is built from Oak and Larch. It is a normal shed and used for storage, as a potting shed and a workshop. The large overhang on the roof means you can walk all around it in the rain and not get wet and also provides cover for storing logs.

Other info

The frame of the shed is made from green oak with pegged mortice and tenon joints. One end of the shed is curved and has a round oak framed window. The shed sits on tree stumps that have been set into the ground. The cladding is made from continous larch boards that appear to flow through the frame if you look closely. The roof is made from galvanised tin with two skylights that provide loads of light inside the shed even on an overcast day. The door is made of wany vertical larch boards that have been shaped to fit together.

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