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Model Gardeners

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Welcome to Model Gardeners (formerly known as Fort Cox).

Model Gardeners started life as a workshop and art studio, built September '09 and was initially named Fort Cox. It is 10' x 16' (approx 3m x 5m) and is about 3m tall... this is pretty much full size up to planning permission exemption. It is fully insulated with 5cm polystyrene under its oversized herringbone floor, walls and ceiling and is double glazed. It is also fully powered with 4mm armoured cable on a dedicated supply. It is great and I love it.

The joists are 6x2 pressure treated timbers, 18mm OSB3 on top, with a 2x1 frame on that and 12mm MDF then the herringbone floorboards. The exterior walls are 12mm OSB3 with shiplap cladding on the outside and 12mm MDF on the inside, with the polystyrene insulation in between. The frame is PAR 3"x2" pine. The ceiling is also 3"x2" PAR pine with 12mm OSB3 roof on top and 6mm MDF inside with the polystyrene insulation.

Other info

It was made from scratch with no plans, all by myself... I refused any help because I wanted to see if I could do it. Its taken a long time to get round to doing finishing touches, but the core structure up to water tightness was pretty quick. The timber for the frame actually came from a barn I built in Summer '09 for Wallpaper magazine (look at the barn pictures). The barn was ace, but it was only up for 5 days for a photoshoot, sadly it couldn't be kept... so I transformed it into Model Gardeners! MG is a gallery which opened in May '10 and is programmed by myself. There are 5 exhibitions a year and all details can be found on the website below. If you want a shed like mine drop me a line and I'll build you one.

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