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What's In My Shed? Although most of us would not admit it, many of our garden sheds, storerooms and garages look like this I know mine was, and to some extent, still is as outwardly chaotic as the picture shows.

Imagine trying to find a pair of pliers amongst the organised clutter shown in this photograph. That was my problem a couple of years ago when I realised that I was buying new tools and gardening items when I knew I already had the item I needed.

It was simply easier for me to buy a new item rather than to search my shed for the equipment I already had.

I realised that it would take as much time locating the item as it would actually doing the job. Also I was spending about £200 per year on buying tools and equipment which I already had somewhere

It was at this point I asked an employee of Common Sense Solutions UK Ltd (CSS) if he had any ideas how I could solve my problems of finding tools and other items instead of buying new. CSS came to the rescue and produced some software, which they called WIMS (named after my predicament) and, after the initial listing of the items in my shed, I can now find any item within seconds. Another bonus is that in the past year I have not spent anything on tools or equipment  In fact I have even been able to offload some of the duplicate items.

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