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An elegant variation on a lean-to design. Recycled from two old sheds, roofed with perspex sheeting giving maximum light and a slight sauna effect. Green credentials are enhanced with the addition of a solar powered light and rainwater collection facility. Note the bike parking extension at far end, offering maximum protection for cycles while still preserving adequate access for when the TV ariel/satellite dish blow over.

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Design time, about two months. Contruction time, two weekends. Thanks to Phil for helping with the roof, although when asked about some of the finer points of shed design he did comment "It'll do, it's just a shed". Had to remind him that it's not just a shed, it's a symbol of man's dominion over the elements, of what divides us from the animals, the culmination of 2.5 billion years of evolution. And it keeps the mower dry.

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