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The Brewhouse

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For the last five years, since we moved in to the house, on many occasions I have stood outside gazing to the bottom of the garden, thinking. Two months ago the slab finally went down and from then until now I have been immersed in deep deep sheddery. The power of the shed can't be underestimated. Already i've noticed a couple of hours in the shed can relieve melancholy, cure colds and increase vitality. As with most sheds mine will never be finished. I am going to add a porch area for a rocking car and spittoon and am on the lookout for a pair of antlers for the front.

The first rule of shed club is, you do not talk about shed club.

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The Brewhouse was built from scratch with no plans apart from a slab roughly 4m x 4m. For this I booked a mixer to deliver 2 tons of concrete with structural fibres added for extra strength, borrowed five wheel barrows and persuaded five mates to turn up on a Tuesday morning by cooking a massive fry up followed by pints of really strong coffee. The materials were mainly collected over a period of about five years. Timber includes skip finds, stuff left over from various building jobs and some hardwood laboratory tables provided the windows. The door was from a local charity shop, although the feather edge cladding and coraline roof had to be purchased with hard cash.

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