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"Swally Chalet"

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The original shed was knocked down in January 1995, and the Swally Chalet was built to fill the entire space, making it 5 times as big as the original shed. Taking 5 years to complete through acquiring bit's here and there e.g second hand double glazed windows friends were throwing out due to new kitches etc... and buying timber or mostly recycling used and new unwanted timber etc, but after 5 years at last the Swally Chalet was born. It has a brick built foundation right around the bottom with damp course and airvents, fully insulated and heated for all year round fun, plus everyone that has been to the Swally Chalet has of course got to sign the toilet wall :) (chemical toilet naturally lol) the shed is also off the ground therefore minimising rot. Features include it's own fuse box, disco ball and cinema suround sound (which always helps with the sing-a- longs after a sippage or ten)! It also features two telephone points, 3 pub friges, a wine cooler and a fitted draught beer... all recycled from the local refuse centre ( the tip to you and me!!), also sky plus with the works flung in for good measure..... (get it??? measure????) and the biggest alarm system youve ever seen.... well one must look after the most important things in life.... Yep!! the beer!!!

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On a personal note, the Swally Chalet also holds dear memories to me as it was built with my very own hands from start to finish but more than that, the whole experience and build was shared with my daughter who I soon found out to be a very good dab hand at measuring, sawing, nailing... not bad for a 9 year old eh!! although she was 4 when we started, all safety measures taken too of course. Also I could never have finished it without the help of my Uncle David who probably saved my life on more than one occasion where the electrics are concerned lol And on the opening night, which certainly went with a bang :) Also the No1 Dad licence plate on the front at the stairs is a dear present from my late mother- in-law whom we suddently lost which came all the way from a holiday in LA. She really supported the Swally Chalet so much and made me promise to screw it to the Chalet when it was finally finished to which it now takes pride of place. I also had the privilige and best memory of my daughter screwing in the final screw in the No1 Dad license plate of the Swally Chalet. And last but not least I could not forget my ever suffering fiance who soon realised that "I will only be 10 minuntes" in reality, really meant 10 days!!!

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