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My shed is designed to be a garden escape. It's furnished with a wine cooler and small ceiling fan with an overhead light, so I can relax after a long, hot afternoon gardening.It has a deep sink with running water that uses only a garden hose connected to a spigot that draws water into the faucet, so no permenent water line is necessary. It drains directly outside onto the ground. The electricity is supplied through an extension cord that plugs into my garage and into a recepticle on the back of the shed via plugs on both ends of the extension cord.I've used tongue and groove southern yellow pine porch flooring inside and stained it to look like hardwood flooring and put 3 coats of polyurethane over it for durability. There are bookshelves for gardening books, and storing pots and products. I have a tool rack and under the long counter is more storage. The two inside front corners have cozy chairs for resting and reading. The actual structure has 7 windows which my husband has made himself, with a 15 light front door to make the interior very bright. The windows open and are proped that way by a dowel. When closed they are lashed with leather laces. They have divided lights. The exterior is made of western red cedar siding and the roof is covered with western red cedar hand split shakes. A cupola tops the roof and is designed to look like a purple martin birdhouse and is functional but screened inside to prevent birds from actually entering.

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The shed is built on skids so it will alway be movable.

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