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This is a home brew shed made from recycled pallets and designed to fit in the space at the bottom of the garden. It's double skinned to make it water resistant and has been kitted out with a work bench made from surplus kitchen worktops. A clestory window provides light at the top of the shed without compromising privacy. There is also an attached water butt and solar cell for eco credentials. Oh and yes the inside is painted with Cuprinol. The clear stuff was used which gives a nice cabin like feel to the interior.

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This shed is made from recycled pallets which were taken apart and reassembled to remove the gaps. The pallet panels were then bolted together with a frame of 2x2 to support the roof which is made from plywood. The base consists of some 75mm fencing posts which sit on top of paving slabs. Because the wood is not ship lapped the shed was constructed double skinned with a water proof membrane of tarpaulin to ensure that it's water tight. The door is also constructed using wood from surplus pallets.

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