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The Shack Featuring Kirky's Bar

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    Paul & Irene
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    Leicester - Leicester
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Designed and built by Paul(and Pete) so we could have a little hideaway to listen to our vinyl and have a drink at the bar, with 3 children aged 27, 18 and 15 all living at home The Shack quickly took on a life of its own (including recently a facebook group #!/pages/The-Shack-Featuring-Kirkys- Bar/124042230945302), so much so we now have a booking system!! It hosts a book club, a vinyl night, a sleepover night, a boys night and the Saturday session one of which was a 'Cyber party'. Wallpapered floor to ceiling with posters (thanks Paul) and fully insulated (thanks Wayne)it is also carpeted (thanks Barney) with a torch on felted roof (thanks Mick) it has full electrics, although we have 8 sockets there never seems to be enough that'll be the laser light, smoke machine,the UV light, the strobes, the decks, the bar light and of course the mood lighting (thanks Rob). Although it is essentially a 'bring your own bar' I try to keep the bar stocked with home brew and in about a month I will be making elderflower champagne again which went down well (and quickly) last year. Now we're ready for the official opening party if we can find a slot!!

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This build has been a lengthy process about 18 months using money as and when we had it, the windows down the side Paul made from 2 door frames, and the circular window which came out of a victorian house we got off e-bay for £50 with a delivery fee of £60. Thanks to friends helping with the build along the way it is now just finished, we reckon it cost us £2200 but we think this is money well spent and we always know where the kids are just lately!

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