Something nasty in my craft shed..Rodney! of shed - The Fuzzpottery, South Gloucestershire Sunshine and shed living. of shed - The Fuzzpottery, South Gloucestershire Rodney hasn't noticed the doors are open! of shed - The Fuzzpottery, South Gloucestershire The Fuzzpottery! of shed - The Fuzzpottery, South Gloucestershire
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The Fuzzpottery

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    My shed or "Fuzzpottery" is the place that I can go to create and craft. When I am not at work, or chasing after two young children, I make art to wear pieces to sell online. The windows give it a lovely light and its position in the garden, means that birdsong is its sound track. It is my magical place, where I am happy and content. It is hard to put into words what the gift of this shed has meant. My husband is not really the romantic type, doesn't really do the flowers and chocolate thing, but after 12 years of marriage, bought and built me, my very own little piece of heaven!

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    My husband and his brother built the shed. I was thrilled that they put cladding on the inner walls and laminate flooring down inside. It is really like having an extra room that just happens to be in the garden.... and is all mine!!

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