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My shed forms the boundary between us and next door and is constantly evolving as materials for it's enhancement become available. I have used laminate flooring to line a portion of the interior after finding success with my 'patio shed'in another part of my garden. Patio shed is so named since the front of it is primarily a patio door that had been standing around for a number of years since I bought it as a bargain and pushed it home on a couple of skateboards.I've always found that lining a shed to make it a bit more homely was a bit of a problem,So when the laminate flooring came to be renewed in our home it seemed like a good idea to drill fine holes in the laminate sections in line with the verticle batons that the lap wood of the exterior was nailed to. I made a few phone calls to local businesses who manufactured insulation and found one that had large amounts of foil sided loft insulation that were surplus to requirement.This was perfect to fill the void between lap and laminate.Using panel pins to hold the verticle laminate in place didn't marr the finnished effect.Happy with the results of using the laminate I then wanted to use it in my other shed.When buying the new laminate for the downstairs of our home we'd got our calculations wrong and ended up with five packs of brand new laminate left over. The receipt had 'mysteriously' disapeared,so returning them would have been awkward......It was at this piont that my shed was about to be annexed for another purpose. As with most sheds it started as a storehouse for car parts and gardening equipment and was a ramshackle affair made from old pallets built on some crazy paving that the prievious owner had laid to the rear of my property. Although my father is a prodigous shed builder I not actually built my own before and made some mistakes. There were a few leaks and instead of curing these from the outside,I resorted to using binlinners and drawing pins.I noticed that there was a lot of wasted space around my shed that could be utillised.I'd recently put a carport up and filled the sides in with sectional concrete garage componants.Now I had an area the shape of a piece of dairylea behind my carport/garage.Someone I knew was throwing out an old garden shed and I could see that the sections could be converted to fill the triangular space. The roof was pain to cut but the sterling board was finally cut and covered the area between the rear wall of the garage and the boundary of my land.Then another brand new 8x6 shed was offered to me and this was erected in such a way that one side became a dividing wall between it and the 'triangle'.Next I built an open ended roofed play area for my children onto the other end of the 8x6 shed taking out the dividing panel of the triangle shed to build the sides.As time went on the children stopped using this area,the open end was filled in and the other end of the 8x6 shed was removed doubling the capacity of my shed.(I hope that you can picture this in your minds eye)Infact it was so long that for a short while I had a scalextrics track in there!Then came the threat of the conservatory. We measured out the dimentions of the one we bid on (ebay)And found to my horror that I'd have to lose my latest shed extension. I built another shed in another art of my garden and placed our collection of bicycles in that and promptly took down my extension. It turned out that we never got the conservatory.We did however get a multifuel stove that needed somewhere to store the fuel.So I extended the shed again to house the coal and wood.It was only at this point that I could copy what I'd done with the 'patioshed' and laminate a section of my corner shed, partitioning off from my store/work space.Gone are the bin liners and all I'm waiting for now is for some more laminate to become available for me to replace the chip board and upvc lined section of my shed with it.....that will be the next chapter in the story of the corner shed....

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It has been three sheds during it's exhistance, interior walls have been removed or moved at one time or another. Dampness and draught have been a battle. I must recommend utilizing tired laminate to line any shed as it gives a draught proof sealed interior that is 99% creepy crawly free (but don't tell the wife). Pics of the exterior of the shed will follow when It is finnished.

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