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The Doghouse - A Real Tardis

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The Doghouse AKA The TARDIS. It is a self build log cabin effect. One part summerhouse and one part workshop. The workshop/shed is larger on the inside than on the outside i.e. its sub-terrainian. The shed is 8ft tall from the outside and 11ft 6in inside allowing me to hang my cycles from the roof. This keeps them off the floor and out of the way. One thing that is of great benefit is that the shed never gets damp and therefore all tools can be left outside permanently, and the wine and beer stays chilled ...even in Summer

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The shed took 3 months to build. Everything was built fromscratch with no packs. The roof is hipped and no taller than 8ft outside. The summerhouse doors were a pair of cut down French doors rescued from a skip. Because of the depth, the temperature in the workshop side of the shed is near constant and therefore the shed does not sweat or have damp problems. Digging down was to allow for storage above head height (Inc Bikes)- but 20 tons of sand and soil came out of the hole!

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