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    Richard Smitheman
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    Garden, Wellington - Shropshire
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It's our beach house (vivid imagination)!! We escape to the bottom of the garden, and remember all the holidays of years gone by, at home and abroad, and all the special people we spent them with, now sadly mostly gone! It is retro-styled on the the 50's and the 60's, and is a happy and restful place to escape to.

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We bought a very standard, corner fitting summerhouse, which fitted well into our smallish garden, and maximised the available space. With carefull painting, both inside and out, with Cuprinol Garden shades, and a lot of extra weather boards, and draught excluding mouldings, we have made a weather-proof and serviceable, year round addition to our home. A wood laminate floor, bits of original Lloyd- Loom, lots of lanterns, bits and bobs and imagination, have made it comfortable and interesting.

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