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The Ship-shape Shed

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    Edna Donnelly
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This is my mums shed an avid gardener, it sits in the garden of her bungalow. Inside is a haven of nautical ornaments, but centre stage is a wonderful boat my late father made. It is displayed on a shelf above other items they both loved connected to the seaside. One of my favourites is a sea net with a huge lobster on and a lighthouse lamp. When my mum tends her garden she sometimes stops to rest inside and sits on a lovely wicker sofa and has a cold lemonade from her mini fridge in the summerhouse. I find it a relaxing place and a pretty place to sit to look out onto the garden. When we sit and chat sometimes her Billy Bass wall plaque goes off and plays DONT WORRY BE HAPPY. It's a great place to go, come rain or shine for a chat with mum.

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