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my shed cabin is special, because it was hand made by me and my friend paul. 90% was made from recycled materials, which i got from various sources. the timber and batons for the frame work, was recycled/reclaimed from a factory wharehouse,which was closing down,the base has pallets underneath, and ply on top,which were reclaimed from another wharehouse,which was closing down. the foam for the ceiling,and the wax paper for insulation were recycled from a friends workshop, which had ceased trading. the ply and chip board inside for the walls and roof and floor were recycled from a friends factory.(all proof and photos available). the roof felt was bought second hand from a 2nd hand shop. the lights and laminate flooring inside were donated by my neighbour(thanks steve).

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i also took the time and effort to help out my elderly neighbours, who's fences i also repaired and replaced. i thought if a job is worth doing, its worth doing well! money was tight, so my neighbours didn't contribute, so i paid and did the work with my friend paul. photos of the said work will be uploaded. the cabin also has electricity, heating, lighting(inside & out) plus full wi fi. so cabin can be used as a office or study or as a storage place. it also measure 6.5 foot high, by 8.5 foot long and 4.5 foot wide, so also big enough for my son to have a sleep over with his mates in or use has a playroom or even as a guest room, should we have visitors staying over. finally very proud to have completed it, and really happy with the look and size of my cabin, just a final few touches here and there, like putting some nice pots and plants outside in the garden area, together with some solar powered lights to make it look nice at night while being green to the environment.

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