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Gothick Shed

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The Gothick Shed is minute inside but provides a backdrop for parties and storage for tools. The previous shed was rotten and leaky, and as the site is an irregular triangle at the end of the garden it wasn't possible to buy a ready-made replacement.

Architects Monahan Blythen Hopkins were already working at the house, so they were commissioned to design a contemporary shed in a gothickstyle. Project leader Marc Wright, now completing his architectural studies at Bath University, took his inspiration for the tracery from various gothic-influenced buildings including Strawberry Hill. We egged him on to add crenellations.

The facade consists of layers of decoratively cut marine plywood, made by Case Woodworking Ltd of Lyme Regis in Dorset. The main structure of the shed was built by Marcs father Antony Wright of Paddock Wood in Kent. All parts were prefabricated and then assembled on site.

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