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This is my workshop, my cave, my outdoor space away from the family (until it is time for dinner, when the kids ring the bell that I have wired up from the kitcken to ring in the shed). I built it from green oak ordered from a local Surrey sawmill - and challenged myself with all mortice & tennon joints pulled tight with home made dowels. In fill is a mixture of brick, feather edge board and (just for fun) wattle & daub (countryside straw + wimbledon common clay & dung!) The walls roof & ceiling are all insulated - so it is snug even in the -10 degrees last winter and not even the secret stash of goodies in the secret cellar froze! There may not be a lot of room (it is aprox a 2m cube)but we even managed to build a boat in here!

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I guess for many what you do with/in your shed is what is key, and for others building is key. I needed a shed/man cave - but I also love building & designing - so half my challenge was the actual build. Hand crafted as much as I could - OK after the first 20 mortices I bought a mortice cutter, but I cut all the dowels by hand from green oak, and trod the straw & clay by foot for the walls. Raised off the damp from the ground it is dry-as- a-bone with care on the roof to keep out the rain and care on the glasing of the "tudor" windows (toughened glass when there are tools inside & kids outside) I had envisaged a little pot bellied stove for dark winter days - but there's not enough room - and anyway with cavity insulation all round it is so snug that 10 minutes sawing & hammering and a large whiskey mac is enough to keep warm even a foot of snow outside.

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