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Wasted Rock Ranch

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    Shaun Staveley
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    Folkestone - Kent
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Below is the history of the wasted rock ranch, it is totally unique.

The shed will mainly be used as a venue for music, smoking, drinking and general hanging out.

The American Old West (often referred to as the Far West, Old West or Wild West) comprises the history, geography, people, lore, and cultural expression of life in the Western United States, most often referring to the period of the later half of the 19th century, between the American Civil War and the end of the century.

Western music originated as a form of American folk music. Originally compose...d by and about the people who settled and worked throughout the Western United States. It was in the small town of St Joseph on the border of California beneath the the small mountain range known as wasted rock that it is said that the Frontier Ballad was born. Reflecting the realities of the range and ranch houses where the music originated, the early cowboy bands were string bands supplemented occasionally with the harmonica. Otto Gary, an early cowboy band leader, stated authentic Western music had only three rhythms, all coming from the gaits of the cowponywalk, trot, and lope.

Within St Joseph was Judge Roy Beans Saloon bar, as it was on the Santa Fe trail, (over the 870- mile journey which took 48 days from Kansas City, Missouri, Santa Fe was also the trailhead for the "El Camino Real" (the King's Highway), a major trade route which carried American manufactured goods southward deep into Mexico and returned silver, furs, and mules northward) Roy Beans was used by the likes of Otto Gary as well as now legendary Cowboy Musicians John Lomax, Oklahoma Boys, Jack Thorp, Rex Allen and Glen Mac Millan. All performed there during short stops on the trail. However, as well as being known for its good music and good times it also became a stop for every other type of Cowboy, Mountain Man, trappers, scouts and outlaw.

Silver was discovered in St Joseph in 1877 and by 1881 the population had risen to 10,000. Wyatt Earp and his Brothers Virgil and Morgan arrived in 1879 and were soon appointed Federal and local Marshals. They had killed three outlaw Cowboys in the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, the most famous gunfight of the Old West. But in 1882 the brothers were pursued to St Joseph by associates of those they had killed and another gun fight took place. In the aftermath, Virgil Earp was maimed in an ambush, Morgan Earp was assassinated while playing billiards. Also killed was Saloon owner Judge Roy Bean. St Joseph soon became known as a lawless town and required additional Law enforcement was drafted. Sheriff Seth Bullock arrived and also ran the Hardware store. John Hick Adams took over the Saloon and renamed it the Wasted Rock Ranch, it was affectionately nicknamed the WRR. Several years passed and still the town had a bad reputation for lawlessness but a good reputation for its music. It was agreed that within the Sheriffs act 1887 that every person in a County shall be ready and apparelled at the command of the Sheriff and at the cry of the County to arrest a fellon whether within a franchise or without. In other words fight!

On August 27th 1888 Sheriff Seth Bullock instructed the Towns Posse to descend on the WRR and arrest all those known as trouble makers. A gunfight broke out in the WRR which lasted almost two hours and spread across other parts of St Joseph.

Pete Spence, formally known as Elliot Larkin Ferguson and wanted for the Goliad County Robbery and the Stagecoach Robbery outside Bisbee Arizona was killed. His associates Frank and Tom McLaury were also killed. Billy Clanton wanted for the murder of Morgan Earp was captured and latter hanged. In total eight people died that day including John Hick Adams, current WRR owner.

After this day the town of St Joseph went through various changes, politics, the cattle drive trade, and the wounded knee Massacre of 1890 were 600 Sioux Indians were killed by the U.S 7th Cavalry Regiment. This left the town unpopulated but still standing. It became a wasteland and home to wild horses, coyote and other prairie dogs. The Construction of the Blue River rail trail eventually resulted in the order for the most of the town to be demolished.

The last owner of the WRR had left the building to his family and Grandson Charles Adams, a powerful politician had secured a preservation order to allow the structure to remain in place and protected from any demolition. The WRR remained an isolated wooden building within a large area of prairie land and shadowed by the wasted rock mountains. It was by chance that the WRR was spotted by U.K rock band the Wasted Rock Rangers while travelling between shows on their U.S Tour Rangers on the Road 1995. After learning about its history and musical heritage the band contacted the current owners and negotiated a sale with the Adams family. The band had the idea that they could save this now near ruined building from certain demise, the Adams had all but forgotten its existence so were glad to broker a deal. The plan would be to take apart the structure and ship it back to the U.K and rebuild it so that it could be enjoyed by English fans. Years of red tape and federal legalities almost ruined the plans but the Wasted Rock Rangers can now reveal that the WRR has been transported and constructed in Folkestone.

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