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Rosies Church

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I built this shed entirely myself (including door, window frames, and stained glass) about 8 years ago. This is my bolt hole, workshop, and playroom. Its a great place to work in the winter evenings, with the woodburner, candles and fairylights. As you can see, it has matured over the years, and I built an annexe a couple of years back, however that was quickly taken over by kids toys, bikes etc. The shed however remains mine! My main regret was not making it bigger.

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I guess it cost about £800 to build. A friend helped lay the base and foundations. The roof should have been tiles, however I ran out of good weather, and daylight, so threw a felt shingle roof on. (probably a mistake, as it will need replacing soon). The gothic arches saved using lintels, and add appeal to the building. I saved a lot by making the window and door frames myself. The original sketches were of a castle, complete with drawbridge to ride a motorbike into it, but everyone told me to tone it down...I wish I had done it my way now.

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