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Hodnet Hall

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    darren hallmark
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Messy but tidy,describing my shed i would say it is an escape from everyday life,a reading room to a study area,to a drinking establishment,to a place of intelligent conversation.When the door is shut on a cold wintry night,the gas lamps are shining,the incense sticks are burning,the pitter patter of rain, on the metal roof,a little light jazz from the newly installed digital radio,all adding up to an intimate and ever so cosy atmosphere.. As i have an avid interest in english history,i like to think of my shed as a countryside tavern tucked away in the hills of shropshire, the inn doors readily flung open to any weary traveller who has lost their way...personally i have lost my way many times over in my shed...Darren Hallmark..hotellier and brewer.....

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My shed is generational,being first a gym,then a mock english pub,now a workshop come mancave..I dont have a huge cashflow so i have collected all the trinkets you see from markets to car boots..and therein lies the secret to a successful shed..Time..it grows as you grow,it changes and matures as you yourself do,its always there for you,in the good times and the bad,the gentle ticking of the several clocks its heartbeat,your ever present friend tucked away at the bottom of the garden..Darren Hallmark

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