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Saved from collapse, braced inside, repaired damaged or missing shiplap cladding, replaced asbestos roof with Cedar shingles and added new hand turned Finials, added wood store extension, bin cover and garden gateway all in the same style.

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This shed has been brought back from the brink of collapse, it was quite a local attraction because it leaned so much before we bought the house. It might have been garage originally but is very much our shed/workshop/store now. The problem was when the drive had been asphalted some time ago, they had done it higher than the bottom timbers of the shed so that side had rotted and caused the lean. Many people including the estate agent assumed it would have to be taken down but all the rest of the timber was absolutely fine and it is a lovely old shed. We propped the whole shed up on the inside and got it vertical, added several new timber braces inside, replaced rotten timbers along the bottom and bolted it properly to the concrete base. We then dug a trench in the asphalt along the side and front and put in water drain/grate so it couldn't happen again. Then replaced the degrading asbestos roof with cedar shingles, my dad turned some lovely new hard wood Finials, added the wood store and bin cover, and painted the whole thing - Job Done.

One lovely old shed saved!

p.s. Hoping to build a garden office in the same style, dimensions and materials when time and resources allow.

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