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Exterior May 2014 of shed - The Hedgehog Shed, Intensive care bed ready and waiting of shed - The Hedgehog Shed, Tripod our 3-legged hog - coming around after check-up of shed - The Hedgehog Shed, Smallest hoglets to stay in shed during 2011 - weighing just 32 and 34 grams of shed - The Hedgehog Shed, The small hoglets just six weeks later of shed - The Hedgehog Shed, 2014 - Our revamped shelves with 6 new hutches and plenty of storage for food, towels, hay etc. of shed - The Hedgehog Shed, Grundy the hedgehog - found out during the day, covered in ticks. Sadly an eye had to be removed as he'd been attacked by magpies. of shed - The Hedgehog Shed, Grundy having a weigh-in. of shed - The Hedgehog Shed, Grundy going to bed of shed - The Hedgehog Shed, Right side interior: hutches with heat pads for unwell hogs and hoglets of shed - The Hedgehog Shed, One of our large cages ready and waiting for a new guest of shed - The Hedgehog Shed, 'Timmy' a 2013 autumn hoglet having a weight check of shed - The Hedgehog Shed, 2013 autumn hoglet checking out what's going on of shed - The Hedgehog Shed, Hector a guest of the shed during May 2013 of shed - The Hedgehog Shed,

The Hedgehog Shed

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    Lynne Garner
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    Shed Features

    Compared to many of the other sheds on this site this shabby green 6' x 8' shed looks, well boring. However once you open the door you walk into the HQ of Herts Hogline, a not-for-profit organisation that rescues sick, injured and orphaned hedgehogs. It can house up to ten hedgehogs, 365 days a year. A heater keeps it warm during the winter months and a fan keeps it cool during the summer months. It may need a little TLC but it's far too busy helping the volunteers provide TLC to it's guests.

    Other Shed info

    On average 50 - 70 hedgehogs are 'guests' and stay as long as they need to fully recover. This means they can stay for just a few days or even a few months. For example the autumn babies typically stay for the entire winter.Those who survive and are not left disabled are released back into the wild. Those who cannot be returned are given a forever home by one of the Herts Hogline fosterers. The costs of this shed was originally part funded by the Peoples Trust for Endangered Species. In 2013 funding from Stansted Airport Community Trust covered the cost of new shelving and storage plus 6 new hutches.

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