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Labour Of Love

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    Jude Ilett
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    Suffolk Garden, near Pear Tree - Suffolk
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I designed and built it myself on a concrete base using new timber and old pegtiles, second-hand stained-glass windows and a recycled door. It replaced three rat-infested chicken sheds and will be used to store pears and other garden produce through the winter months as well as usual shed- type activities. I included a back-to- back log-store and potting shed area at one end. Two friends helped with laying the concrete and my brother helped with the roof and we all love it. First attempt at building a shed, not bad for an overweight woman who's just turned 60!

Other info

I searched the internet for shed- building plans, found a free one from the USA and adapted it to fit in some extra features that I wanted. Cutting the rafters was a nightmare but we finally got them right just before we ran out of timber and patience - when you change the angle of one end of a rafter, it throws out the angle of the other end quite alarmingly. Some of my friends think it has a slightly spiritual air due to the stained-glass windows.

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