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Madas Shed

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    Adam Gallagher
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The corner area custom cut glass and jeep side step shelves :) shiny floors, Lcd tv, clean worktops, nice layout of the stanley cabinets I bought in homebase..

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Well Hi everybody. My name is Adam. Ever since I was very young I had a great interest in cars. I played with toy cars and parked them under the stairs as a child, and was always crazy about dinky's and model cars I had a huge colection of them. Then teenage years came and I grew out of that, I think!! :P It was my dream to have a car of my own, so as I worked with my father in the Tarmacadam trade I saved money. Eventually then I bought my first car... vw.Golf mark3 1.4. The colour was black. I loved my car and really enjoyed polishing it, inside and out. From this, and watching my father over the years restoring old machinery eg: tractors and rollers, I was interested in restoration and got the idea of striping my car down, giving it a brand new paint job, adding a new style to my car, interior, wheels, suspension and some overhaul to the engine etc... I figured I would need to educate myself. This took over my mind, it was all I could think about, I bought books on how to weld, how to paint your car etc... access to the internet was also great help to learn new things. In order to achieve my new desires I needed a workshop. I had an old block built garage out my back yard. You would get cold looking at it... hah! I thought of a plan to make it a fully insulated and function- able workshop. So, in the last month of 2008 with the permission from my parents, I started cleaning and gutting and began to work out this plan I had. Alot of work has went on in the last year, and the design has changed from time to time. But I am completely satisfied with the finishing result. I am ready to start to listen, learn and create. Over time I will build up a collection of tools, most men dreams of. I will post some pictures soon. God Bless

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