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The Travelling Hamster

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    John and Ellie
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    a quiet corner of Lancaster. (home of the intoxicating hamster juice homebrew) - Lancashire
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most of the decor has been hand crafted by me and my wife and reflects our love of animals and travelling.

it is still a work in progress and we are adding to it all the time.

we also have many batches of home brew on the go

we were going for a medieval fantasy style tavern but it seems to be evolving into something else.

We have kept hamsters for many years -all have had different personalities that we wanted to capture, for this purpose we have photoshopped famous pictures (queen Elizabeth I, the girl with the pearl earring etc) and transformed them into hamsters! We have a love of history and especially 'olde world'/fantasy so we have tried to capture this too, different corners are dedicated to different themes adding to the ecclectic feel. We have a pirate/carribean theme, on which we handmade a treasure map with places named after different fantasy films/classic and modern (for example 'winterfell' from game of thrones) most items have been handmade using various materials (e.g driftwood) but the pub shed isnt just a decorated shed, its an onging piece of art for myself and husband to enjoy. We thoroughly enjoy being artistic together -creating new and interesting items and going round the carboots to find treasures and the thrill of bargain hunting and getting the best price for objects!

Experimentation with homebrew continues at the travelling hamster!

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it is connected to the electricity from the house.

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