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    Lesley Taylor
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    Allotment Plot - East Sussex
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It is in a quiet place surrounded by wildlife and has been a dream since childhood. At 63yrs old I have achieved it after a legacy from an Aunt. So the shed is called ROSEMARY (Shakespeare says "Rosemary, that's for remembrance". It was also Aunt's middle name. Rosemary also means "Dew of the Sea" and as my plot is within walking distance of the sea, it does indeed get dew from the sea. I can sit after planting or bird watching with a cup of tea and remember all lost loved ones.

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There are all sorts of locks for sheds and some at high prices but an inexpensive and efficient lock seems to be the ones that double back over the screws that fix them to the shed - I only found this out after my shed was easily broken into with a fairly expensive lock on it (all screws were easily accessible).

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