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Robyns Tree House

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    Darryl Lamb
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Raised off the ground, insulated, includes electrics, trap door for quick escape, half door, slide and swing set included

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I built our Tree House with the help of my 2 sons Stephen 7 and Alex 6 for their baby sister Robyn 2. We started with a Lego Model to show everyone what was planned. We found a B&Q display shed which was being sold off cheap (90euro), this I cut down panel by panel saving the off cuts for use later, redesigned the shape, dismantled the door to build a smaller half door and rebuilt the panel for the door to hang from. I used an old wooden window my parents had in their garage. The uprights for the raised platform the shed sits on continue on into the shed to provide greater stability and give it that chunky look. I used composite decking as it is great for non slip with the kids and used the shed panel off cuts to build the railings. I also installed a Trap Door at the boys request for a quick exit! I then got very carried away and decided to insulate and panel it inside, including a light and plug. Inside paneling painted in Pale Jasmin which shows the grain and looks great. Exterior sanded and painted by the boys in Rich Berry which I am thrilled with. Exterior framing painted in a high quality exterior white paint. Found an off-cut of carpet again in the parents garage which went great with the color scheme. Finally installed a cargo net and climbing wall. The Tree House was finished for Robyns birthday and she loves it, sharing it with her 2 big brothers. Over the coming months I plan to install a slate roof on the shed.

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