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The shed is 90% recycled material. The foundation/floor is a pallet for a really big commercial windmill. All 2x4's and plywood are from a decomissioned military base (swords to plowshars so to speak). Our view from the house is sided with my 20+ year old redwood fence giving it an old cabin look. The alley side is corrigated metal with a mural in progress. I did have to buy nails, screws,roofing paper,and cement. It has double barn doors on the top floor and french like doors on the back. The skylight can be covered with a window shade on hot days. The main light can be raised & lowered 5 to 13 pulling a line routed through a block and jam cleat. It has sat. T.V. with stereo, A.C. and a small pot bellied stove. It was suppose to be a box to store a motorcycle but due to forces beyond my controll it evoloved into this. The front also doubles as a rock climbing wall.

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