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It is completely self built and although it cost a bit it was built with the enviroment and recycling etc in mind.the shed sits on 4 very large pallets which are reused ,they sit on 18" concrete blocks rescued from a local renovation.the chunky door frame was a pair of hoarding supports and the timber was all sustainable .I have used all nails, screws, joist hangers timber, ply and chip board ,that I have had lying around for ever. The roof is 2 layers of torch on red felt which means it will be virtuaaly maintenance free for at least 20 yrs.the two d/g windows I bought on line for 30 quid and the insulation is a combo of drywall ,a roll of glass and an old duvet all which have been around for ages ,the hinges ,the doorbell and the lock and bolt are all out of stock from my garage. I had to buy some timber ,plaster board screws and ply but it is solid well insulated and I luv it . I intend to store and display my various collections and set up a drawing board to do some local garden design.

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When building an expensive shed with shop bought materials double check your measurements when it comes to ply ,chipboard and plasterboard before you set out the joists and studs as the boards are not made in round figures especially if you are working in metric. The windows were a bargain and will make a difference to the shed winter it should save heating costs with the electric which I installed myself and will be running it from an insulated waterproof out door dble socket. I have just added some more photos of the insidfe mainly but it also shows the tv areal and the two tvs .its now nice and warm and I can watch time team while I do my thing in there.The exterior has had a second coat of preservative ,the floor is now carpeted and worktops and cupboards have been added

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