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This shed is built at the top of a steep slope on my allotment. It's built entirely from reclaimed materials, including the brick pillars to level the base (ok, I bought the nails). Although it's an allotment shed it is also designed to be used as a studio and workshop for my art, which means I intend to work on through the winter. It has double opening doors at the front to create a veranda effect, a front door and a back door (in fact there are eight doors involved in construction, not all of them functional).

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It's built in a unique butt-ended planking style, which means it looks wonderful but leaks a lot so far, but I've invented a sealant method to solve this anticipated problem. The interior will be insulated and skinned and a heater added so I can use it through the winter. There is no power on the site so everything had to be cut by hand. Also, everything had to be hauled onto site and up the bloody hill, which was fun. There's a lot more work to be done on the interior and then, next summer, I intend to build a better roof with shingles. But that's for later.

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